Thicker oil for rear main seal leak

Hi there, Yes, it can be caused by recent transmission removal. Used cork gasket with rubber front and rear and used rtv black on the ends. rumble seat: 2/14/00 - 5:20:34 PM RE: merc rear main seal Lucas Oil Stabilizer is one of the best, and for small leaks it will stop them. Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak. (or flywheel o-ring) Otherwise, it could smell like trans- axle fluid. Conventional oil has a harder time working its way out of areas that have been compromised, than synthetic. Hi, Robert. brand new crate motor 350chevy,we keep blowing the front main seal . My dilemma now is I’ve had an annoying rear main seal leak for the past 2+ years that is getting on my nerves enough that I’m ready to tackle it. Mick Meade of St. The thicker oil can fill in the gap between the seal and the  Aug 4, 2017 Unfortunately, it appears that the rear main seal is leaking. It could be a leaking oil pressure sensor, oil pan gasket or galley plug near the seal   Oct 12, 2017 When the Rear Main seal fails you will find an oil leak that is coming from the bottom of the vehicle where the engine and transmission meet. The rear of the crankshaft has a two piece seal. Rislone Rear Main Seal Repair is one of the only products of its kind on the market specifically designed to solve rear seal oil leaking problems. Chances are that it is a rear main seal. Ken Rear Main Leak. A rear main bearing seal, or rear seal as it is commonly referred to, is a big, round rubber seal between the engine and transmission. A rear main seal will lose engine oil while causing a bad oil leak. Fel-Pro 4-pc. The leak only happes when the engine starts to warm up then it becomes a steady drip. Good chance the pan and rear main are no the culprits - Subaru rear main seals are robust and rarely leak - most 1980's Subarus still roll around with the original rear main seal after 30 years, more than likely your mechanic is not a Subaru specialist or he'd know that. need a little help. I am replacing the valve cover and oil pan gaskets but the rear main seal is also leaking. Re: brake fluid to fix leaky rear oil seal?? <i><br>I HAVE heard of the brake fluid tip from well experienced technicians as well. I had an oil leak from the VTEC solenoid area, just changed the gasket 2 days ago. So, yes, you can run a 10W40 to try and slow your oil leak but, you are only delaying the inevitable (avoid stop- leak / miracle- in- a- can scams), the fact is,you have to drop the oil pan and replace that rear main seal, ASAP! Thicker oil on top of a clean PCV system will help reduce and possibly even stop leaks and consumption unless it's too late and that seal is completely blown. Our products are affordable and safe for all vehicles. , Seeing it is a 1 piece seal I do not have time to pull the trans til spring to replace that seal. The oil pressure sender can leak from its base or directly from the main unit. This seal was in use for 126,106 miles exactly. The oil pans are also dry fitted to the block or a flat surface to insure that the sealing rail is flat. I also have the special tool that allows one to install the rear main seal correctly in its bore. These engines are made to run on thicker oil as far as I can see. Got the blue fel pro one piece, followed instructions to the T I believe. So why all the positive and negative reviews for rear main sealers? Well, it’s a complicated subject How to Diagnose a Rear Main Seal Leak: Few words about your vehicle will stop you in your tracks quicker than, "you have a rear main seal leak. Does it help to use a heavier weight of oil if have an oil leak? (10W30 vs. If you’ve discovered a rear main seal leak in your vehicle, seal the leak today before it’s too late. So, it was a FREE tool for this rear main seal job. This could mean oil is leaking onto hot components of the engine itself. There are special oil additives on the market that are designed to swell the rubber of the rear seal and cause it to expand, thus sealing off the leak. Will putting in thicker oil slow down the leak or Trip No. For the difficult to get to seals, try a quality synthetic or Auto-Rx. 5. High mileage oil and or thicker viscosity oil seems to help. The size of the leak is about a the size of a quarter after i park I am wondering if there is a better rear main seal for my 94GT than just the ford house special, or the autozone special. Would running high mileage oil, or thicker oil (10w-30, 15w-40, or sae 30) help plug the leak Now, back to reality, what you most likely have is a blown rear main seal, (as some people have identified). I had my transmission replaced about a month ago and now man van is leaking oil from the rear main shaft. I did start to remove the pan a while back to replace the gasket, only a minor leak then, before I realized I would need an engine hoist. You can replace the lower half by dropping the oil pan, removing the rear main bearing cap, putting a new seal in, replacing the rear main bearing and cap, putting a new oil pan gasket on, replacing the pan, and adding oil. Rebuild with new gaskets 2. Wrap a bit of Teflon pipe sealing tape around the connection to assure that it won't leak. 0 4x4 4runner. It may get worse before it gets better. . I'm pretty main seal. Just below the rear main is the large rubber gasket sealing the oil pan to the engine. If it comes back, I'll go to 15w40. Rebuild engine. 30. I have an 01 LE with 198,000 mi. In doing this repair, if there is any oil inside the distributor housing, the seal won’t stop the leak, and a replacement distributor will be needed. Pushed in a new neoprene seal top and bottom by just dropping the oil pan and the rear cap, bolted it all back up and hey-presto, it hardly leaks at all now. Rislone Australia Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair Restores the Seal to Like-New Condition and Also Contains Additives to Stop Leaks in Severely Worn Seals and Crankshafts. Ive ran mobile1 full syn. Bar’s Leaks Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair is one of the only products of its kind on the market specifically designed to solve rear seal oil leaking problems. Like replacing the clutch of my 2000 Accord. then make them fix it if it's still under warranty. 15w40 fully synthetic has reduced my oil consumption in my '88 745T. provides the best rear main seal stop leak for those who want value. Don't get fooled. The other is for wet housings. Fixing an leaking oil seal in your car is easier than If you have oil leak problem with your main seal, you should try Hapco. Please run a PCV system. So looking for a slight groove in the rear main seal surface on the crank might be operative? Perhaps some replacement seals are a slight bit undersized (thicker seal) in that area, for that reason? Hope you get it all figured out! CBODY67 I will be changing the rocker gaskets to fix that issue however no way am I delving into the rear main. However, don’t do this if the manual specifies 5W20. i have a 07 suburban with the 5. If you are currently using a 5W20, you can consume less oil by going to a 5W30, which is a “Heavier” oil, i. The other danger of an oil leak, including a rear main seal leak, is the danger of  Mar 11, 2013 Why the rear main seal leaks oil and how to fix it. You can certainly try NO LEAN Engine Oil Stop Leak. just rebuilt this sbc 350 2 piece rear seal. I used to sell in the aftermarket years ago and people did actually see results on older engines - or you may just go with a thicker oil. on the clock. I believe my rear main is the culprit as i see oil dripping from around the inspection port at the rear of the oil pan. Well I just happen to have some pictures of a rear seal replacement that we did in my shop that might help shed some light on why it costs so much to replace. Can a main rear seal be replace by removing the oil pan on a 2008 Hyundai Sonata. i dont want to spend the 1k on the rear seal if thats not my only problem. gasket – thick front seal, LH dip (1803). Since the axles going into the transmission, and the transmission itself, are made of metal, the axle seal houses a flexible seal that rides on the axle and keeps gear oil in, and crud out. How much to get a rear main seal leak fixed so it stops leaking oil $1,2000 to replace the rear main seal. Blue Devil is another company that has been around for a while, so you can be sure they know how to deal with your car the right way. Could be a front main or rear main seal, in this case it's much harder as gearbox or timing have to come off, and it's usually over a grand. Rislone Rear Main Seal Concentrate is specificially designed to seal rear main seal leaks, but it also works better than a conventional stop leak on all other leaks, including timing cover seals, cam seals, rear main seal, o-rings and other Well, if a seal or gasket is compromised, synthetic oil runs thinner so any spot it has a way out, it will over conventional oil, which is thicker. Jack it up securely, put on some work clothes, start the engine and let it warm up a couple minutes. My guess is that you'll see a small oil leak there, at the rear main seal. This oil is thicker and heavier than regular engine oil, so will slow the leak. Due diligence is taken before hand to insure that the timing cover and rear seal retainer are flush with the pan rail. the rear main seal is behind the flywheel and if it's leaking really bad like to the point that there is a puddle of oil under your car after running it for a few minutes, then you might have clutch slippage or damage from oil, mine is leaking but I'm to lazy to fix it, my dust shield is preventing it from going into the bell housing 1. The first bottle it takes around 14 days or 500ks to take effect but well worth the wait. I was knocked back for registration because of a rear main seal oil leak. Fix gaskets that are leaking. You can also try using thicker weight engine oil, like 50 weight. Love this truck but I hate oil leaks even more. Nulon Engine Stop Leak can rejuvenate hardened valve stem seals and should be used before moving to a thicker engine oil. com The most common leak on these cars is the intake manifold. Burns oil at higher mileage. i have a 90 v6 3. You can see how the front seal fits down inside the timing cover grove . On most engines, oil leaks can occur above and below the rear main seal. Learn why it can be so dangerous to have a rear main seal leak in your car and oil will dry to a thick sludge and attract all sorts of road dirt, grime and gunk. I would like to try using some of the leak stop additive to at least slow it down. is that the OE VW seal comes designed with a considerably heavier spring. The thicker oil can fill in the  The way stop oil leak products work, depends on the brand you buy. Help !!!!! Get the best 'rubber' cam cover gasket you can find. 8 liter engines can develop oil leaks as the car gets older and advanced in miles. 10W40)? have an oil leak that has gotten pretty bad over the years. The oil must be flushed/replaced and then this product can be added. Replacement is easy since the unit is located near the rear of the car. This car should be due for a new timing belt anyway and that would be the best time to replace it, in the mean time, check oil weekly, use cat litter (clay, non clumping). Small leaks can cause oil to accumulate on the undersides of the engine, while larger ones may produce a drip of oil from the front of the engine. Bar's Leaks Professional Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair is a commercial-grade solution to solve your vehicle's oil leaks. Oil Leak So I recently had my rear main seal replaced but oil still leaked. Now get under and look for the dripping. This will often be caused by a failed PCV valve which causes crank case pressure issues. I just had the rear main seal replaced by AAMCO for $1,169. Over-Looked Leak These oil pan gaskets simply get coated with white grease when installing them and are leak free. Note that a little extra height also can be gained by using thicker than stock gaskets. leak-free seal. <p>Bob<p>Two days ago I sought help for it will be a gasket somewhere, could be a sump gasket, so drop the cross member, hold the engine up, drop the sump, replace the gasket, tension the nuts up as required, and re-fill the oil, all done. Oil may leak from multiple areas of the engine, but the rear main seal is one of the most frequent sources of a leak. Hapco works on all kinds of oil leak, including the main seal oil leak. So my 97 2. I replaced the rear main seal in my 235 a few months ago - it was leaking a LOT. most of the leaks thought to be rear main usually end up being valve covers or intake rail seals Oil will bypass hardened seals and allow oil into the combustion chamber via the valve stems. If you mean a “High Mileage” oil, as sold by some companies, the answer is “maybe”, since these oils have seal thickeners, thus controlling minor leaks. For larger leaks, it may slow the rate of the leak but the only fix is going to be replacement of the rear main seal in that case. Trust the brand relied on by over 100 million customers since 1947. 2 to Chevy they said it was coming from up top. Trying to bolt the oil pan on could damage the gasket and cause leaks. The flexible seal uses a small amount of the gear oil in conjunction with the seal itself to achieve this task. Main seal leak does not necessarily mean rear main seal. They did, fifteen bucks, BUT Use 50 weight oil to temporarily stop the rear oil seal leak. I see my GS is weeping onto the shelf at the rear, rear main seal is 3 years old, latest version at the time. auto-rx. Would be interesting to see if it would work on a nasty rear main seal leak. I made a mistake. Best. May 14, 2019 A rear main seal leak can cause major issues to a vehicle and its transmission. Use a specifically made rear main seal repair fluid that can be bought at an auto parts store. A seal conditioner is not the same as a seal sweller. 50 miles later, still leaking. Thicker Oil? Discussion in ' You can put your finger in there and feel oil if it's really coming from the main seal above. 45rfe transmission problem : Solenoid makes noises when shifting gears or coming to a stop in neutral. TITAN® Hi-Strength Oil Stop-Leak offers the only non-thickening, What if I've already tried another oil stop leak product? - Will it work on a front/rear seal? Brands like: Lucas and Bars are thicker than 80-weight gear oil. The rear main seal on the TSI engine may sometimes fail. "New territory" to seal against, even if it's . The rear main cap has vents that prevent oil pressure from directly reaching the main seal. The reason I'm wondering is because I perceive there to be some sort of factory defect going on when it comes to the rear main seal in these cars. Here's a comprehensive guide to spotting and fixing the 7. I'm not sure if you have a wet housing on your unit, but i do know on a TD15B that we redid the engine in, the rear seal was different than one used on a farm tractor or truck. I fired it up for the first time and did the whole break in routine and then notice i had an oil leak from the back of the oil pan. Oh yeah I also replaced the rear main seal not to long ago and already checked for an old gasket on the filter pad My rear pinion seal and differential are leaking and was told to have it repaired asap. Although it may not be related to your problem. Topped it off with break in oil, primed the oil pump buttoned it up and now I see it's leaking through one of the smaller bolt holes right Most Rear Main Seal Leaks are Caused by a Combination of Normal Wear in the Crankshaft and Seal and the Drying, Hardening and Shrinking of the Main Seal. This seal is mounted in a steal plate which is bolted to the rear of the engine block. My Freightliner Cascadia was losing about a gallon of oil every 1000 miles from the rear main. The leak from the distributor seal is very often confused with a leak at the rear main seal, which, again, is a design that very seldom fails. If you believe the oil to be the problem, remove the synthetic, save it, and replace with organic. Second, the rear main seal is a seal for the main crank shaft bearings in your engine. Any oil leak, including a bad rear main seal, should be fixed, though, as it increases the risk of damaging the engine due to a low oil level. Ever since the change, no noise from discharged hydraulic lifters. Excessive crankcase pressure from ring blow-by can be an cause, but it would probably cause other leaks. 2009 6. Which is why a bad HPOP leak is often misdiagnosed as a 7. I do want to invest much money into the car. Increased bottom end pressure will only exacerbate the main seal leaking issue. Good luck. Gear oil is much thicker but hard to tell in hot weather. with the current problems with the 5. The valve gasket job was $700+. One such Give the Nulon Engine Stop Leak a try, we add a bottle to the oil at every oil change and no leaks ever. Honda Civic Rear main seal oil leak 3. 4. I have a severe oil leak and need help hah. for past 5 years. Look in the front of the valley just after the HPOP and before the turbo pedestal. Oil leaks are the most common symptom of a problem with the crankshaft seal. 0 Oil Leak At Bell Housing/Oil Pan with a uv light. when changing my timing belt 2 weeks ago after putting most of it together besides the radiator I decided to start my truck to make sure that it would start. If the leak continues after 200 miles of driving approximately, repairs may be needed. 3 rear main seal leak. How to Stop or slow leak. I have never had Marvel Mystery Oil stop a seal leak, but it is harmless (It's a naptha based oil that will burn without harmful ash, which is why it can be added to fuel). There's a product from Gunk called Bearin' Seal - it's not a miracle worker but it will swell a rear main or oil pan rear seal up to 3%. 020" different. e. Brought the 62' in for an oil change today and had them take a look at whether a new leak at the rear of the oil pan was an oil pan gasket or a rear main seal. Their product, Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak is among the best oil additives to stop leaks. How you can quickly fix leaking oil seals by using a little bottle of sealer. I am told the oil pan gasket needs replacingmeaning it leaks from these as well. A motor with 68k is not likely to be a candidate for hard seals. Took it to another shop and they replaced the left front axle seal but the oil leak still persisted. They're a real bear to get sealed properly. Is it now the rear main seal, or could it possibly be all of the above plus the rear main? About half of the dealer cost. I’m tired of pressure washing under than van, cardboard on the garage floor to contain the oil, checking the oil level, being afraid to go on very long trips with it, etc, etc. Changed the oil to Mobil 1 High Mileage 10w30 and added a can of Bar's Leak rear main seal additive. Bar’s Leaks is the #1 name when it comes to chemical tools for oil leaks( rear main seal) and other leak-related problems. Oil leaks from rear main seals, valve covers and oil pan. put in a thicker oil if its the motor but if its trans. Oil leaks. we have already replace the new chrome timing cover and seal ,now have stock cover and the oil keeps coming! new seal ,cover and it keeps a leakin. For awhile. We look at a 350 Chevy oil pan gasket and help you identify what thick or thin gasket you will need. The oil will/can leak out the back end, down the bell housing, and appear to be a rear main leak. Simply add BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer to your vehicle’s engine oil and your rear main seal leak will be stopped as your drive your vehicle. Most common oil leaks at the back of that engine are: 1. inspect the underneath of the engine for oil leaks at the rear main seal, front main i am leaking a little bit of oil from my front main seal and i was wondering if i could just stop the leak by adding a product that would seal it and stop the oil from dripping out. Head to your local auto parts stores and pick up BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer. Hapco Products Co. One piece fits into a grove in the block and the second fits into the rear main bearing cap. I wouldn't switch back to conventional oil tho to slow the leak, that just wouldn't be Do you have an VW Passat oil leak? Does your VW Passat have a burning oil smell? We've noticed in our own service repair facility that the VW Passat V6 30 valve 2. Could the rear oil leak be because of the transmission repair. I've tried using b thicker oil, still nothing. Has anyone used oil leak seal additives with any luck? I just want to get through the winter. oil leaks can come from many things. Thanks for your time . The rear main seal is leaking oil and it is using a qt. change oil and change the seal on the peace that you remove to I used blue devil oil stop leak in a 1936 Chevrolet, it practically stopped the leaks. The most common sign of a leaking rear main seal is oil spots on a driveway or garage floor where the vehicle is parked for long periods of time. 3 Powerstroke high pressure oil pump leak. the rightstuff is thicker and can be put to use sooner without fear of it pushing out either are good where theres oil as to the 1/4 turn being what fixed your leak . OR a shot transmission bearing causing the drive flange to trash the seal. and someone told me at an auto parts store that i might want to use a heavier oil. Always check your engine valley for oil first. If the crankshaft seal dries out, cracks, or breaks, it can cause an oil leak. Consumption as high as one litre per thousand kms can be caused by valve stem seal leakage. I have bought some Rislone rear main stop leak which I plan to add I have my doubts on it working car probably drips 5-6 drops of oil a night. I then pull the oil pan off, did the best i could to clean surfaces and get it back to straight as possible. BlueDevil rear main sealer update video Also go up on the weight of the oil older motors have more clearance so thicker oil will help slow a leak down. They changed the valley pan gasket, cam sensor (supposed cause of leak) and misc. First of all, engine oil pressure is not causing the leak. It is a small leak at the moment. Can I drive with a rear main seal problem? A bad rear main seal will typically leak oil. I would have that checked out first before paying someoene to replace the rear main seal. Ok heres the scoop. Bar’s Leaks Rear Main Seal Solutions — Main Seal Motor Oil Leak Repair (MS-1), Concentrated Rear Main Seal Repair (1040) and Engine Oil Stop Leak Concentrate (1010) A rear main seal leak is among the worst things that can happen to a vehicle because it impacts a hard–to–reach engine component. If this seal is leaking oil, you are left to  Most rear main seal leaks are caused by a combination of normal wear in the The thicker oil can fill in the gap between the seal and the crankshaft, and could  Do I need to use Bar's Leaks Rear Main Seal with every oil change? No, we have the leak. You might get away with running thicker viscosity oil to slow the leak. Are Oil Stop Leak Products A Scam Or Do They Really Work? If you’ve looked around a bit already, or checked some of the Amazon reviews, I’m sure you can see the huge difference in feedback. The 50 weight oil will slow down and seal the leak of the seal between the crankshaft and the seal. According to members of the BMW Car Club of American, rear seals fail when there is too much wear on the crankshaft and the lip is unable to control the output of fluid. but will it cause the seals to stretch out more too and cause MORE leaking? or why not? Rislone Rear Main Seal Repair is one of the only products of its kind on the market specifically designed to solve rear seal oil leaking problems. Your car's engine rear main crankshaft seal is designed to give the engine oil leak protection from between the crankshaft output flange and the engine block. The front main seal, located behind the timing gear on the crankshaft is the more likely culprit. like front timing cover crankshaft seal, rear main oil seal,with engine running look under car around oil pan area check see if you see heavy oil leak which will come from loose or damage oil filter and seal or check oil pressure sending unit at bottom right rear engine block or right rear corner of the oil Drop the dust cover from bottom of the transmission housing and you should be able to see the rear of the crankshaft. Its only a little bit of oil so its not even that bad. Nov 10, 2016 Whether your vehicle is front-, rear-, or all-wheel drive, a common component that In many cases, when leaking oil is found on the differential, it's caused age and exposure to gear oil, which is extremely thick and contains  The "rear main seal" on VW flat four engines (all of them) does not actually seal we have to address on the waterboxer engines we build are flywheel seal leaks. It will be a neoprene double lip seal, keeps engine oil in the engine and transmission oil in the transmission. Jul 7, 2016 How to pick the right small block Chevy oil pan gasket. Lastly, check for the . There are some  An example is the rear main seal. valve cover gaskets Can you use an oil stop leak to fix an rear main seal leak? put in a thicker oil if its the motor but if its trans. Pictures of the damaged side of the seal: If you smell the oil, and it smells "normal" its most likely a rear main seal leak. It is common for the rear main seal on a BMW’s engine to leak. Are you positive it's the rear main seal? Take a picture first with the inspection cover removed by the drive plate and post it here. 3. Marys NSW Talks About Liquid Intelligence 230 Stop Oil leak Seal Expander. The seal is in two halves - the upper in the block and the lower in the rear main bearing cap. I don't want to jinx it but the leak is gone. Is there a type of oil treatment I can buy I need an oil change and im either gonna get some Castrol GTX High Mileage, or some Royal Purple Synthetic Oil. I like to let the sealant on the seal holder ''set-up'' with the holder in place for a day before inserting the rope. so it will not leak so much. Since the crank shaft has the piston attached to it, the pulleys with all your accessories connected to it and the flywheel which connects to your transmission on it, it carries all the forces and power your engine creates. Most rear main seal leaks are caused by a combination of normal wear in the crankshaft & seal and the drying, hardening and shrinking of the main seal. if its the rear main seal, you can see for yourself First you need to spot exactly where it’s leaking from. Guys, I need some advice, I'm in the middle of my trans job, and am doing my rear main (engine seal) since I got everything apart. My car has 135K on it, and its starting to leak oil, not to bad, but after a few days theres a little spot in the garage. I have had the pan off three times, the last time I used a different pan and used another new one-piece gasket. However I agree with 32f not being cold enough to facilitate large dimensional changes. How to fix a oil seal leak in your car DIY with Scotty Kilmer. So, this is a leaky engine and one needs to start looking at possible means to reduce and, eventually, stop the leaks. By removing just the oil pan from underneath, you’ll be able to replace the seal in the bearing cap. we put a high volume oil pump on before we installed it in a van, not fun. This photo was taken three days after using Liquid Intelligence 230. ever 800 miles. Sure thicker oil will reduce oil leaks, but you need the correct oil for the bearings. Rear Main Seal Leaking. " This has been the death knell for many a vehicle over the years, as the cost of a fix for an older car is often more than the car is worth. We bought the engine support bar with my son when we replaced the clutch to his Honda Civic SI. OR a completely shot main input seal. I got a new original Cummins rear main seal kit, however, I just went to put the seal in and noticed that there was an extra piece to the kit that I'm not sure what to do with. The first was replaced at 1,720 miles by a Nissan dealership under warranty. , it’s thicker. To say it didn't leak would be a slight exaggeration. It works on rear main seals. To also help prevent leaking I was going to switch my oil that I have been using. Titan® Oil Stop-Leak is the safest, strongest and most advanced oil stop-leak on the planet. Reader Question. If so what brands seem to work the if you&#39;re going to add anything oil additives I recommend www. Now I want to know what type of repair will I have to make in order to fix this oil leaking problem? I have an old Honda Accord V6 w/AT that has a leaking rear main seal. But, now the tools are free for the next job in any of my other cars. High mileage oil seems to help. True, but rear main seals become less pliable. The intake will be $700+ and the rear main $1,600 +/-. Any ideas? . Bought a new OEM replacement type oil pan, required the thicker seal at the rear main. It is also important to soak the rope in oil for a couple of hours before forming it into the holder. #2: Had the same leak at ~245k. RE: merc rear main seal Yep, that can happen with that style block. 3 afm im not convinced that this is my only problem with oil consumption. If a "hole" exists, synthetic WILL find it. Running slightly thicker oil has also helped slow down a rear main leak with my '87 740T after cleaning the PCV system. Replacing the rear seal at this point is the very last option and would consider getting rid of car before doing that (repair cost $600-$800 and no way DIY for me). other items while it was apart. And then be a input shaft seal leak. Reply. When the Rear Main seal fails you will find an oil leak that is coming from the bottom of the vehicle where the engine and transmission meet. change oil and change the seal on the peace that you remove to take the oil The rear main oil seal would be the bigger repair job on most engines. I sent it back 3 times for them to get it right. Oil leak is driving me crazy! I have been fighting never ending leaks on the front and rear of the oil pan on my 383. Robbie, while I was in the Denver area a couple years ago, put a new main seal in along with a new flex plate (ticking time bomb on the 2UZ-FE). I’m planning on trying Lucas stop leak on my 292 Y block that seems to have a very small leak near the rear main bearing. 3 afm. Wuz at the auto parts, and just for giggles, asked them if they had any magic juice that might swell up a seal. it has been totaled once and I only plan on keeping it until I finish college in two years. Only 2% of customers require a second treatment to achieve a “Full-Seal”. It’s the best seller of the company since 1960, and it has been proved to be effective and convenient. This is the second RMS that has been in my Pathfinder. Not a big deal, it can weep until the cows come home or I buy enuff beer to change it. This seal then leaked somewhere between 90k and 105k miles. Skip to main content Oil leaks from the hub oil seals of a live rear axle (See Replacing Axle oil is thick when cold and unlikely to drip out of a very small opening, but There is also a pinion oil seal at the front end of the differential casing. It appeared to be a huge oil leak because of the spread. My analogy of a sbc rear main seal is to that of a radial aircraft engine; if it's not leaking oil, it's out It can only leak so much before the oil level is below the level of the output seals however. 98% of customers achieve a “Full-Seal” on the first application. Draining the oil from your vehicle and replacing it with a thicker weight or synthetic oil can help to prevent oil from leaking through some of the smaller breaks in  Bar's Leaks Stop Rear Main Oil Leak and Seal Products Restores the Seal to Like New Condition. Just had my car into the garage and I have a leak in the rear main seal. Have any photos? Both are fixable. The 'cork' and 'cork/rubber' gaskets will not seal well, and my experience is that no matter how clean you get the cover and head, they won't work, will loosen and seep oil. 5 has oil leaks. You can drive the car in this situation, but you'll need to check the oil and top it off more often. thicker oil for rear main seal leak

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